Combined with readily available technical support from companies which we advise, the company enjoys a rare level of immediate and direct access to information, new products and services.

We have offices and representatives in the following countries: Russia*, Poland, Azerbaijan, Belarus*, Kazakhstan, Ukraine*, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia.

Coupled with the company’s unique know how and aviation knowledge, several key operators in the region now select the products and the services of the companies advised by ATS.

We facilitate choices, should it be for sale, purchase or leasing of aircraft, equipment and spare parts, MRO solutions including engine or landing gear overhauls, PBH or adhoc repairs of components, cabin interiors, training solutions and flight simulators, for the mature and installed airlines as well as startup companies, or airlines considering new aircraft types.

Additionally, we are able to advise in sourcing or placing commercial and business jets as well as passenger and medium lift helicopters.

*Operations in these countries are suspended until further notice.

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